The Longest Home Run at Fenway Park

As any Red Sox fan will tell you, the Lone Red seat in the right field bleachers is exactly 503 ft from home plate.  It represents the landing spot of Ted Williams epic HR blast on June 9, 1946.  It was his second game of the afternoon BTW.

The only one to come close since then was Manny Ramirez on June 23, 2001.  He hit two mammoth shots that day – officially measuring in at 463 and 501 ft.

Below is radial plot showing the Maximum and Average wind speeds in mph per direction.  This is based on the the 3231 games played between 1970 and 2009.  To get an idea of the park’s orientation look here.

As a reminder, the plot is a “wind rose” which means based on the orientation of Fenway Park, 180 is blowing out to left and around 270 is blowing out to the short porch in right field (aka “Williamsburg” back in the day).

Based on historical weather data, I’ve added a point (“T”) to indicate the wind speed and direction on June 9, 1946.  The “M” indicates the wind at the time of Manny’s HR.  Clearly Ted’s HR was aided by a strong (15mph, at least) wind which blew from the West for the entire afternoon.  In the 40 years of data reviewed only one day had stronger wind conditions (May 13, 1979 – 3 HR’s hit in an 8-2 Red Sox win over the A’s).

Obviously, we’ll never know the exact distances and wind speeds.  But I present this as  evidence that Manny’s HR was far more impressive that Williams’.


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